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FIRST TIMES -- Do you remember yours?

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You are invited to a FIRST TIME Monday October 4th, we will be participating in the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ringing Ceremony with Madrigal Pharmaceuticals for the first time and we will be announcing a new program.  If things like that interest you, you can watch it on the NASDAQ business channels or click on this live stream link beginning 3:30PM ET Monday.

October 4th

OK, I know how this might appear.  I'm making a big fuss over a nothing burger. However, if you are a patient or someone who might be at risk of liver disease (just to be clear, that is anyone who is not dead) this may be a turning point in the battle against chronic disease.

{hmmm, better humor this guy, he may be losing his mind}

I'm supposed to send out a "TEASER". Since I'm just a patient and not a "PR" expert I'm not really sure how this all works.  We have an important announcement coming on the 4th. If we do everything right it can lead to saving the lives of millions of current and future victims of liver disease.

{ohhhh man, see I told you the guy is nuts}

I know that sounds nuts, but think about where we are.  There were 100 million people with fatty liver disease before the pandemic. Now the virus has set the stage for an even bigger long term disaster.  About half the people surveyed recently admit to gaining almost 30 pounds. We have apparently gained, as a nation, at least 4,000,000 tons of fat.

{that is a disaster!!! If 100 million was bad, what does it mean to be that much worse? Not good.}

Exactly... But now our society has truly recognized health as an issue and as we come out of the pandemic there will be a window of opportunity to engage a prepared mind society wide. For the first time society broadly will care about not being dismissive of the risks of unhealthy behavior. The reality of early death because of chronic disease will linger in the baseline knowledge that we all share.

If we can be bold and engage people in the community where they live and not just preach to them about DIET and SUPER FOOD  and MY SNAKE OIL IS BEST, we can change lives for the better.  What we do in the aftermath of this current disaster can resonate through the generations if we care enough.