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We want to know why, NAFLD/NASH and the genetics of liver disease

Nature/Nurture what really leads to disease? How do we think about risk? Is the goal of individualized precision medicine achievable? Is biology destiny? Can I choose not to kill myself slowly?

These are among the deepest issues facing us as we consider how, as individuals, we choose to live our lives.  We never think day to day in these terms, but we are all a different oddly shaped bag of chemistry that somehow persists for a time.


Science has brought us to the edge of a time when we might actually be able learn enough about how our bodies really work to be purposeful in our choices and live longer and healthier lives.

In our SUNN-2 study we are partnering with Sano Genetics, to explore the genetics of NAFLD/NASH and this introductory webinar is a discussion about how FLF is collaborating with Sano to accelerate personalized medicine research and speeding development of The Wellness League - the first community-driven health and wellness platform for people at-risk of or living with NAFLD/NASH.

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If you can't attend, please go ahead and register and we will send you a link to the recording when it is ready.

If you haven't taken The State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America Survey, now is the time

This 2022 State of Care Survey is the inaugural annual survey to understand the state of care for NAFLD/NASH as experienced by patients. It will establish a baseline to monitor year-to-year changes in disease management progress. For more information, see the full press release here.

The patient community is very large, but a broad understanding of the challenges we face is lacking. There are 100 million of us with liver disease and stories to tell but most are only recognized in the late stages. We believe that is wrong but a first step is to have the data. We don't have a national benchmark or tracking system to understand the problem broadly or to know if it is getting better or worse. That harms us as patients.

The Fatty Liver Foundation is undertaking an annual patient focused survey to gather baseline data that many people can use to support advocacy and measure change.

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You can also click here to take the survey in Spanish.


It is important that you participate as this request is by patients for patients. Policy makers need to know what we as patients face and it is our responsibility to tell them so join us if you haven't already.

Please help us collect this important information!

You can also find information on our website by clicking here.

Thank you for your support. Also please forward this to anyone you know who might be willing to participate or spread the word.