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NASH Education Lab now live on Healio

A key goal of ours is education for both patients and physicians. We recently have been working with Intercept Pharmaceuticals to develop materials to help both physicians and patients understand the challenges of liver disease.  The material is being distributed by Healio, as part of its in-depth specialty clinical information for physicians.

I wanted to let you know that the Healio Education Lab,

Understanding the NASH Knowledge Gaps,” is now live.


The Healio website allows healthcare professionals to select and tailor news and education to meet their practice needs. The video interview I did at a recent TRUTH About NASH roundtable event held by Intercept in October is part of this Healio Education Lab. It is part of a group of interviews with medical professionals, a video of the survey results presentation, and The TRUTH About NASH infographic.  


This material is being hosted on, Healio will extend the reach of the Education Lab by sharing emails with its extensive network of subscribers and by posting several social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

We are very excited to help launch the “Understanding NASH Knowledge Gaps” Education Lab in cooperation with Intercept and Healio and hope that you will take a look at the material. Any of it that you find useful to you and that you think others would benefit from, please feel free to share the information.  All of us who are involved with liver disease know that there are very serious knowledge gaps in the public and in much of the health care community as well. The more broadly we can share information like this the better off we will all be so we invite you to participate.

If you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to reply to me as we are working on additional educational materials and our goal is to make these as helpful as possible.  We are also looking for patient stories to include in future education projects so if you would like to participate let me know.

One request I would make as you look at the material, I know that my video makes me look a little weird.  I guess it proves I'm not a professional TV personality.  Chuckle with me about the look if you like, but pay attention to the message.  As hard as this disease is, it is a hopeful time for us and help is on the way.