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Important information for NAFLD/NASH patients

The FDA will consider two drugs for treatment of NAFLD/NASH this year. I know we have been saying that therapy is coming for several years only to be disappointed. It is easy to be a little cynical about the prospects. This is a government agency and it seems like delay is what all agencies do best, but I do believe we will finally have a chance to move forward.

There are two potential therapies coming before FDA this year.  Obeticholic acid from Intercept is scheduled for a hearing in June and Resmetirom from Madrigal is expected to be submitted for a hearing by FDA in coming weeks which would bring them up for possible approval later this year.

With drugs coming soon, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

We believe both of these drugs show enough patient benefit to be approved. Neither is the silver bullet we dream of but for some patients they will be lifesavers.  Better drugs will come along over time but this would be the first step toward making these treatable diseases.

FDA approval is not enough.  We still have to get the insurance companies to pay. I don't want to get into a rant about insurance but we have to remember that they don't make money paying for medical bills. There is always a fight to actually get new drugs into coverage. That is why I need your help.

We have to speak up as patients. It is just wrong to sit quietly and die slowly if there is therapy that can help. We will soon be publishing the second annual State of NAFLD/NASH Care in AmericaSurvey.

If you would like to see the 2022 results click here.

Only a few hundred of you took the survey last year. If patient care is important to you, you need to take 20 minutes and participate in our efforts to get better treatment for liver patients.  As an individual no one will listen to your complaints or suggestions but if we come with data as a group we can be heard.

It matters.

The 2023 survey will be released in a few days.  I will send it to you and ask you again to help us. Liver disease patients have suffered in silence far too long. Even if you are a lucky patient who got great care, we need your voice. Help us!!!!

If you took the survey last year, thank you. We need you to do it again as the goal is to track how patient care changes over time as therapies become available.

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