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Stories from liver land - another hospital visit

Trying to be in a good mood, but feeling like 💩💩💩

They're checking my gizzards. I've had pain in my side for a week. Mucho bad pain.

Hardly keeping anything down. Even on a mostly liquid diet. Extra light headed, dizzy, and the other day I just random fell asleep in the tall bar chair in the kitchen, and then fell out, hit the other chair and the tile floor, and bruised my face.

So I held off on ER, and went to my PCP last Friday. My primary doctor said, "hm, this sounds bad, you should call a doctor for this." He's THAT good. He wouldn't even do labs, he said go to my GI, see what labs he wants to draw, he didn't know what to do. Smart. 😡 (I NEVER use mad faces. That's how you know I'm legit annoyed here.)

But of course, my GI doctor is out of town for two weeks. My hep is 3 hours away and needs a new referral, I'm still waiting on that. So, the nurse for my GI doctor said to just get my butt to the ER.

Here I be. #hospitalhairdontcare 💛 Fingers freaking crossed they find something that's an easy fix, and that I don't have to be admitted. Meanwhile, they gave me fluids, dilaudid, and zofram, and I gave them loads of blood and my pee. Fair trade, right?

But no popsicles this time. Seriously, I should get a punch card here. Frequent flier miles. Something.