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Lessons of the fall - MedicineX conference

It will be a busy fall so I thought a review might benefit the newer members and hopefully our veterans won't mind.

Earlier in the year the Stanford MedicineX conference offered us a chance to make a poster presentation at this year's conference.  At the time my mother was dying of lung cancer so I couldn't consider the offer.  For any who would like to revisit the story of a spunky old lady who helped inspire the foundation, here is a link to a vignette of her story as she became a skydiver following a cancer diagnosis at 91.

But, that is a digression.  The MedicineX conference is the subject here.  I was quite surprised when Stanford offered me a free pass to the conference, so unexpectedly I'll be attending.  MedicineX is an ideal platform for us as it seeks to bridge the divide between patients and the profession. Here is a link if you are interested.

To put that in perspective recall our mission is this:

To identify unsymptomatic, undiagnosed Americans with liver fibrosis or early cirrhosis caused by fatty liver disease, and to educate them on the lifestyle changes needed to halt or minimize disease progression.

Our foundation is one of a very few national advocacy groups dedicated to NAFLD.  That focus brought us to the attention of Intercept Pharmaceuticals.

Intercept has given us a grant to attend the AASLD, American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, in October which is the key professional group managing liver disease.  We will be joining Intercept in their efforts to connect to those in the patient community who are facing fatty liver disease.  There are more events this fall and I'll update you as we go along but this threatens to become overlong so I'll close for now.

Hope you are as well as you can be.