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I took my liver for a spin on Velacur, a new liver screening test you should know about

Patients who have been on this journey with me over the years know my story, but for the new folks, I've been a test dummy and I've been able to track my progress with my darned cirrhotic liver over the years. Here is a chart of my progress through June of 2020. Notice that I've confirmed my progress with both Fibroscan and MRE and I have progressed from a Fibroscan of 21.5 at diagnosis to 9.6 in 2020. Technology is advancing and I recently had an opportunity to get a Velacur test, a new kid on the block offering liver tests.


I'll share my recent results with you, but here is a short video that shows how this system works.



The results of my test a few days ago are below.  Note that Velacur suggests that my liver health continues to improve slowly as they report a stiffness of 8.  I'll take that with a grain of salt until I can confirm it because in this lower range all of the stiffness tests have a wider error range but it indicates that I continue to improve slowly over the past two years.  Also, the test was done as part of a demo and not in my physicians office so I'm OK with the result. The point is that it was quick and easy. If you would like to see the entire report click on the image below for the pdf.


The ACE result shown by Velacur is like the CAP of FibroScan and is a measurement of liver fat.  My liver is essentially fat free which agrees with my CAP score.

We were honored to be invited to present our strategy for serving patient needs at the recent AASLD conference and we gave a demo of The Wellness League which will be the main patient outreach platform for us in the future. It is a short, 30 minute, description of our strategy for delivering patient support.  Click the link below to watch it.



I also invite you to consider attending a webinar being presented by Sonic Incytes. What’s new in NITs and NASH Therapeutics? Find out from Key Opinion Leaders Stephen Harrison and Nezam Afdhal in a live webinar on December 13th.  Click the image below to register.


These are some of the top experts in liver disease and it will be worth your time to check it out.