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Emergency rooms are no place for a sick person

posted anonymously with the patients permission

Thumbs up at the ER.

I had to take an ambulance today. Scary stuff happened and I was home alone. Big thank you to my bro-man for staying on call with me, helping rein in my anxiety as I listened to the sirens pull up.

Firemen came. Fedex got here at same time, awkward, but fire men brought my packages in. Nice. Ambulance did EKG, was ok. Ambulance wanted to give me benedryl on the way because my hives were SO bad this time - but then the EMT realized they were out of benedryl. Neat. They said ER would get me some at check in. They didn't. Neat-o. They let me keep the blanket. Appreciated. So I curled up in one of those wide seats with my puke bag and waited. At one point I was crying, all alone like a weirdo. Closed my eyes and tried to rest anyway.

Then opened my eyes because the absolute sweetest old Mexican grandma lady with little English asked if she could go get me water, I was too red all over, and handed me some tissues from the desk that I'd been in too much pain to go get. I cried even harder because she was so nice to me. And this lady, you guys--- she sang to me and sat next to me. I will love her for the rest of my life.

Results are inconclusive, they always are. The dr was dumb. They gave me wrong prescriptions. He told me my labs were great. Then when I mentioned I'd seen them already in the portal he started saying ONE set of labs was good but oops he hadn't seen the rest, looked them up, then told me how yes, wow surprise, stuff IS wrong. At one point he talked to me about my visit a week ago for bariatric surgery complications, which clearly showed he mixed me up with someone else. Very cool.

But they gave me fluids for hours because I was devastatingly dehydrated. Plus Zofran (which works 1,000x better in an IV than as a pill at home) and morphine which is why this might not make sense. I haven't had the morphine in years. It's doing its JOB, dudes. Thank heck.

Then as I was getting discharged I went outside to wait for my mom to pick me up but... didn't realize how cold it was. And forgot I was in shorts, socks, and slippers, because I left in the ambulance. I was shaking cold, and realized I looked like a homeless crackhead out there. Also very cool. (But I had lashes on today because I started the day with hair and makeup, thought I was having a good day. So, winning there.)

I'm at THE END of what my stress bucket can hold. Every time I think it's a good day, it isn't. I'm dealing with some heavy personal issues and family stuff. I'm broke. I have 1,000 things on my shoulders I'm failing at. Mom life is an immense struggle lately.

Please send good vibes to the Universe that I - can feel better, figure some life out, win a small lotto jackpot (I'm not greedy, a mini windfall is fine), someone give me a basket of free baby goats on my porch, the next windstorm lands a hottub on my patio, and I can catch my breath for a minute.

I'm a tough lil girl. But I is a tired lil girl. 🧡

I need the mountains or a beach and a minute away quiet. All I'm gonna get is a trip over the river and through the woods to Seattle drs next month.