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Reversal of cirrhosis may be possible - a personal report from the battle

For those who have followed my musings along the way, I thought you might find some value in an update. A brief review. I happen to be under the care of a hepatologist who began his career in Europe. There is a lot of discussion of the so called mediteranian diet which includes olive oil but the standards of care are silent on the use of olive oil as a primary component of treating fibrotic liver disease. In my journal I've provided fairly detailed descriptions of my personal diet which includes 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil per day.

So, I've been doing this for a year now and it is fair to ask if there are any results. I'm happy to report that I recently had my second Fibroscan test. The results, in 2015 my reading was 21.5 well into the cirrhotic range. Today it is 14.3 near the bottom of the stage 4 range..

How to interpret that is the question. I believe both tests were competently performed and the first reading was confirmed by MRI elastography. Fibroscan is useful for advanced fibrosis, not so much for early stages of disease and this change in scores is far larger than the normal error of the technique so it is fair to say it has diagnostic value. We believe it is solid evidence that for me the lifestyle/diet changes are causing fibrosis to be resorbed. Unlike most cirrhotic patients I am not currently becoming more ill.

Does that mean anything to you? I can't say, however, it may be worth your time to visit the diet page here.