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Doctors don't agree - I am so nervous

I am always in a panic or fearful. My primary doc is earnest but not very helpful. I’ve seen one seemingly incompetent gastro & another gastro who is much more knowledgeable but says he can’t help me. I have an appointment with a hepatologist but am scared & hopeful at the same time. Hoping the hepatologist will calm some of my fears giving me hope & scared he will only increase them with bad news for me. My liver biopsy says severe fibrosis at least stage 3. What does at least stage 3 on a pathology report indicate? I have no idea what this means. Could this mean it was inconclusive on whether I have fibrosis or cirrhosis? My gastro feels I could have some cirrhosis since I have very small grade 1 esophageal varices. This all started after Colonoscopy & EGD when gastro was surprised to find the varices. I have not been ill at all. I am confused about all this. My gastro just tells me eat a balanced diet no processed food. That is about it. Just wondering how long I have before I get really sick or can I just remain at Stage 3 indefinitely. Kind of nervous about hepatologist take on this but primary care doc always said no worry you just have fatty liver. I sit around now waiting to get really sick & get HE and lose my job, and who will care for me. I am so nervous.