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Non-invasive screening and genomics in NAFLD



We have had a series of webinars about the disease and cutting edge research.  Now we would like to focus on the future for the patient.  Covid wrecked our plans for SUNN-2, the next step in our plan to eventually screen 1,000,000 patients a year for liver disease, but with vaccines we can begin to think about that future.

I'd like to invite you to a webinar where we will look to the future and some of the tools that are going to help us in our battle with the noncommunicable diseases that have become the scourge of our time. Let me challenge you to step back from COVID for a couple of minutes and think about health more broadly. One small step is to attend this webinar.

COVID is a top predator to be sure.  When we look back in a few years we will see that for 2 years it was the number 3 killer of our people.  It won't challenge heart disease which kills at least 650,000 every year or cancer with about 600,000 deaths but it is a serious concern.  In a normal year about 2,500,000 people die of noncommunicable disease. For our society that is just routine.


Clearly, death is inevitable so we can't really change the final totals. What we object to is premature death. The fact that liver disease is the number 4 killer of people in their 40's is, to us, tragedy.

There are no simple answers. We are working to improve that situation by identifying disease early and working to change the pathways to disease that are harming more people at ever younger ages. There are no final solutions here but join us on the journey as we consider things besides the immediate COVID crisis.

We will joined in this Webinar by Sano Genetics. Genetic analysis and understanding how cells work at the molecular level is one of the most exciting new tools that is becoming practical for broad studies. Liver disease is very complex and an important part of effective therapy is understanding what happens at the most basic levels. If we have that understanding we can develop better detection methods as well and we look forward to discussing this with Patrick Short the CEO of Sano.

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