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Now is the time, the Walrus said, to talk of many things

Of shoes and ships, of sealing wax and cabbages and kings -- and NAFLD and NASH and how we treat those things.

The Foundation's recent State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America survey highlighted the problem of the lack of understanding of liver disease, even after a visit with a specialist. How do we manage a disease when only 13% of patients understand it even after seeing a specialist?


Education is clearly a key weakness.  We just returned from the annual meeting of the AASLD, the professional society for all things liver.  Post covid it was smaller than normal but still about 5,000 of the physicians, key researchers and executives in industry and academia focused on liver disease.

We were honored to be invited to present our strategy for serving patient needs and we gave a demo of The Wellness League which will be the main patient outreach platform for us in the future. It is a short, 30 minute, description of our strategy for delivering patient support.  Click the link below to watch it.



There is a lot of information coming out from the conference.  I will be sending out a series of blog posts in the near future so don't be surprised.  It isn't a spam attack.  While at the conference I had the opportunity to have some of the new tests that are coming to patients and I want the community to know what to expect.  There is also a lot of news about treatments on the horizon that I will talk about.

I hope you will find this little webinar and coming attractions to be of value.  Patient care and therapies are changing fast and keeping you informed is an important part of our job.

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