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Thanks for signing up to get involved with NSF! As a patient, you play a critical role in all of FLF's efforts. You are the reason we exist and your participation is of the utmost importance for the success of our programs.

Spread the Word about the NSF

We need your help to amplify our message for the NSF! Share our efforts with your family, friends, coworkers, mailman and anyone else you can chat up for a few minutes. Download our NSF Fact Sheet for a short summary of what the Fund aims to achieve and follow us on Twitter @FLF_NSF to stay updated on the latest news regarding the Fund.


Join the Wellness League

The Wellness League is FLF's digital platform to help empower people to take charge and manage their lives with regards to routine, diet, exercise, and medication as they fit into their social and occupational activities. The Wellness League platform will help participants track their key metrics (BMI, bloodwork, scans), encourage reduction of risk classification through lifestyle and diet changes, connect to local resources, and learn more about and connect to clinical trial opportunities. The content and frequency of communication on the Wellness League platform will be fully customizable, dependent on both an individual’s disease stage and preferences. Though it is a digital platform, participants in the Wellness League will be supported by real people called Wellness Navigators; some will be embedded in local communities through SUNN-2 and some will be entirely virtual. To the extent possible, Wellness Navigators will be patients themselves, able to draw on their personal experience and understanding. To learn more about the Wellness League, view and download the flyer here.

Though the official Wellness League platform is scheduled to go live in January 2022, you can opt to join the cause now. To enroll in the Wellness League, please fill out this consent form and schedule a meeting to speak with a Wellness Navigator


FLF Needs Your Support Now!

FLF could not operate without the support of our community. Through donations big and small, we are able to keep our screening programs and patient support initiatives running and expand the services we can offer. To help us keep making progress in the fight against NAFLD/NASH, we need your contribution today!