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Opioid abuse and suicide are increasing rapidly among cirrhosis patients

Did you ever wonder what dying from cirrhosis might be like?  Pain and how we tolerate disease is a very individual thing but some statistics are instructive.  Study this image for a minute.


NOTE: Hepatitis C is a cirrhosis disease, it is just categorized separately because we know the cause.  When you combine the other cirrhosis stat of 2.3 you see that cirrhosis sufferers are 11.4 times as likely to abuse pain killers as the average person.  If that doesn't suggest to you that avoiding this particular sadistic angel of death is wise, you aren't paying attention.


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According to this study reported by the NIH, liver diseases are associated with major depression and suicide attempts among adults in the community. Adjustment for the amount of alcohol used or sociodemographical factors did not explain the observed association of liver disease with both major depression and suicide attempts.

Major depression and suicide attempts in patients with liver disease in the United States.

It is also important to note that in suicide statistics depression is frequently listed as a precipitating fact leading to suicide.  When you dig deeper into those statistics it is important to understand that a person living with liver disease is 3 times as likely to commit suicide as sufferers of depression who do not have liver disease. 


The point to understand here is that the true toll on society and individual patients is understated by the statistics. If you or a loved one are obese, have diabetes or pre-diabetes, or any liver disease education is your best defense.  Visit the foundation website for information from patients for patients.