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Reflections, where do you find joy or what do you find awe inspiring?


Through the Foundation, we interact with a lot of people in pain and going through very difficult fearful things. Stepping away from that part of life and thinking of the things that move us emotionally, if even for a brief time is of great value.

There are so many things to be moved by. Who isn't touched by a baby's laughter? Memories of better times and places have power. I enjoy seeing the rarity of mastery of something. Grace is power perfected. A fan or not, who could deny the artistry of Muhammad Ali in his prime? Do you remember watching Secretariat run? Simone Biles is a breathtaking gymnast. The duet from Lakme always bring tears to my eyes. You don't have to be a fan to appreciate how hard it is to do what Baryshnikov and Kennedy make effortless. Can you imagine what it is like to be able to compete in an Ironman Triathlon? The list is endless and very personal for each of us but worth reflecting on. What moves you?

I was out on the greenbelt trying to practice what we preach about regular exercise. I suppose it is partly that I'm trying to be aware so that I don't crash and break something but I feel connected to life when I do that. Being here at the keyboard doesn't really count for much as an experience.

I saw a really glorious example of humanity coming toward me. There is a tempo to running. Most of us jog with varying degrees of awkwardness or shuffle. Then there are the sprinters who fly. Watching Usain Bolt in the 100 meters is an experience. Seeing the labored grind of the marathoners can break your heart. But there is an in between that is magical. We have all seen videos of horses running free in that long elegant stride and the easy flow that speaks to us. Perhaps the iconic image of freedom.

For humans there is an in between running pace. It is akin to that easy gallop of a thoroughbred. The long, light strides that only a few can master. That combination of genetics and work that deliver grace and beauty in the performance. Most of us can not achieve it. So very far from anything I could ever do.

Coming toward me was a couple. What a sight they were. Dressed the same, perfectly matched, running so fast but so easily. Seemingly effortless. I just had to watch in admiration of the human body in action. They passed me and the most amazing thing was that they were chatting as they ran. I can perhaps grunt a bit when I run and that pleases me but I do marvel at what people who work at something can achieve and it gives me pleasure to contemplate them.

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