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Empower individuals diagnosed with alcohol-associated liver disease (ALD) by
building an individual’s capacity to find and follow their unique alcohol recovery
pathway. We will accomplish this mission by providing tools, including nationwide
peer group and mentor support, education, and resources, paralleled with campaigns
aimed to eradicate the stigma associated with liver disease.

Drastically decrease excessive drinking in this country and eliminate the stigma
associated with alcohol use disorder and all liver diseases.

No human diagnosed with alcohol-associated liver disease should have to walk this
complex journey alone. The Society for Sober Liver Survival (SSLS) aims to provide a
safe haven, engaging and empowering people to activate their agency, by developing
their alcohol recovery pathway through peer group and mentor support, education,
and external resources. Additionally, through the support of SSLS’ Whole Health
Advisory Council, we will actively ensure medical providers, health associations, and
communities have the latest alcohol use disorder (AUD) and ALD information on early
detection, treatment, and patient and care partner support options.