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The future for non-invasive liver screening is now


International NASH Day is a chance for us to focus attention on the silent epidemic of liver disease that is much deadlier than COVID, but most people don't even know its name. The problem is that it does its damage over decades so we don't notice that we are dying until it is very late in the disease. The statistic that should shock you is that it is the number 4 killer of people in their 40's and 50's. Some of the saddest stories are moms with young kids who wonder what will become of them when the doc says you have cirrhosis and I'm sorry we have no treatment.



The biggest problem we have had historically is that we had very few ways to diagnose the early stages of the disease, so people had to become ill before it was discovered. Technology is advancing rapidly and in this webinar we will discuss some of the new tools that are going to make it possible for us to at least be proactive in learning about the problem.

In our SUNN-2 study we are partnering with HBI-DC, as the first site of our program to screen 20,000 patients in a wide variety of locations to develop data on the population and to jump start a wider program of education and community based outreach to combat this disease. If you have 2 friends, one of you has a fatty liver. Knowledge is your best defense so join us in this webinar for a look at the challenge of early detection.

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