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The USA is the world leader, this makes me so sad

The CDC reports that over 80% of our people over 65 have two or more chronic health conditions. Big whoop you say, people have problems when they get old. No big deal.

Hold on there buckaroo. That really means poor health and those people mostly don't feel well. Why would you think that is normal? Do you think it is just fine to be unwell for more of your last years than is normal?

How do we compare to other countries you ask? We do have some comparisons. We might look at Russia with 71%.

Cute, yes we beat them just like the Olympics.

You should really think about China though. Their rate is 45%.  If you are a taxpayer, or a person who expects to be old some day this should matter to you. We spend far more on healthcare than anyone else, but actually we have to. We are champs at making our people sick. Half of our people in the 45-64 age group are already suffering with multiple chronic diseases.  Our prime of life years are getting sucky.

We see alarming numbers of people in their 30's being diagnosed with liver disease and it is becoming a leading killer at 45. This is a tragedy at any age but many still have kids to raise. Among the hardest stories we see in our patient groups are women with young children being told they have cirrhosis.

The Fatty Liver Foundation is undertaking an annual patient focused survey to gather baseline data that many people can use to support advocacy and measure change. Click the image below to take the survey or scan the QR code.

This 2022 State of Care Survey is the inaugural annual survey to understand the state of care for NAFLD/NASH as experienced by patients. It will establish a baseline to monitor year-to-year changes in disease management progress.

We are a patient group, we offer our services free to all who might be interested. The system mostly ignores us as individuals but if enough of us are willing to combine our voices we have a chance to be heard. 

We have become accustomed to so many people having the preventable diseases of our industrial society that we stop thinking about the consequences.  As liver patients we are central to the great wheel of comorbid illness and yet little attention has been paid to it in the past. This effort to document our experiences as patients is an effort to bring light to this dark place and we really do need your voice so please consider taking the survey.

You can take the survey by clicking on the banner above or  click this link to begin..

If you would rather  take the survey in Spanish, please click here.

You can also find information on our website by clicking here.

Thank you for your support. Also please forward this to anyone you know who might be willing to participate or spread the word.

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