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My husband bled to death in my arms

My husband was 55, we were eating popcorn one night and he suddenly started bleeding in his throat. He went to the toilet and vomited but it just kept coming. He tried to swallow it but it kept coming back up, it wouldn't stop. He became frantic and ran around the house searching for some solution. I called 911 but we were 40 minutes from any medical help and that was too late. In the end the only thing I could do was to hold his head while he died in my arms. We were covered in blood. The doctor said that he had an esophageal varices which burst as a result of cirrhosis. We had no idea. We thought he was healthy. The house looked like a war zone. I had to take all the carpets out and replace them. In the end I couldn't stay there. I don't know why he didn't know he was sick he always went to the doctor for check-ups when he was supposed to. I am so sad.