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I don't know who to trust

Posted by admin as the patient wishes to remain anonymous.

I was sick over 2 years ago and my husband asked the doctor if it was due to my fatty liver. He was told fatty liver was not going to give me pain and uncontrolled nausea. He asked if I should have another biopsy and was told no not needed. He explained I had two done 6 years prior. Was told not to worry. Fast forward this past summer, I was so ill that I couldn't even keep water down. We went to the ER and was told maybe food poisoning, I had been seen 3 times over 3 weeks for the same issues. I asked the doctor if she was sure my liver was ok ( my dad died of liver disease at 36) was told no it was ok, then I made it to my car and had a phone call from the ER doctor saying after looking back on my labs, my AST and ALT tripled in the past 3 weeks. I went to a new GI and he did a biopsy to then tell me I had full blown cirrhosis. I feel like I probably had had it and was having flares for 2 years but I was just being told not to worry. Now I really trust no one.