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This is an overview of our site. Liver disease is complex and we invite you to study it but if all you want is a quick summary the site probably isn't for you

I was shocked to learn I am a cirrhosis patient and because of that I became a patient advocate.  I decided the best way to have a voice was to create a non-profit foundation. If you are here, you or someone you care about, is obese, is ill, has or is at risk for liver disease or a co-morbidity associated with it. Obesity is a major cause of the problems. You won’t care about this topic except as a health or diet issue.

This is what you will find here:

  • Non-technical explanation of how your body actually works
  • How the liver develops disease over time
  • Why fats are a critical source of fuel for your cells
  • How the liver manages triglycerides
  • How the course of fatty liver disease depends on triglycerides and carbohydrates
  • How the kind of dietary fat you use matters
  • Information by a liver patient for liver patients
  • Information about diet based upon bio-chemistry not fads

This site is not trying to sell you anything.

We are a nonprofit foundation and we do not represent anyone but the patient. If you are looking for advice on supplements or quick fixes this is not the place for you.  We offer extensive information about the body in general, the liver specifically, and we recommend lifestyle strategies that have worked for me specifically and which I believe are valuable for anyone concerned about liver health to be familiar with. The strategies are also the best we know of for weight control and management. If you struggle with weight you need to understand how the body works rather than just buy expensive stuff from the guru of the month.  Our goal is to help you understand the problem so that you can deal with it effectively.


This site offers you extensive opportunity to add your own comments and experiences to the pages.  We invite you to add your own thoughts if you would like to. Patient and caregivers stories are especially helpful to other sufferers.


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