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May you live in interesting times

An ironic curse with the clear implication that 'uninteresting times', of peace and tranquillity, are more life-enhancing than interesting ones.  Another cautionary message is 'be careful what  you wish for', and yet another 'fools rush in where wise men never go'.

Cliche man is here apparently, but the old warnings aren't necessarily wrong.  I want to let you know that the foundation has entered an 'interesting time'

We have been greatly honored with support and now it is time for us to stop talking and start dancing.  Intercept Pharmaceuticals has agreed to provide the first funding for our screening program and we plan to open our first pilot facility in Houston in the summer.  For those who have joined us recently, we advocate building 400 screening centers across the US and to screen 1 million people a year who are at risk for liver disease from the large co-morbid (people with multiple diseases) population.



We have also been invited to present a poster at the 2018 NASH-Summit later this month.  This is a gathering of world leaders in liver disease research.  At conferences like this industry leaders present their latest results and give talks about where things are headed but they also have an area where promising results can be presented in poster form.  Sort of like being the warm up act for the Beatles.  This will be our first experience presenting a poster so that will be 'interesting" but it is an honor.  Space is always  limited and there are thousands of people working in the field so we were pleased to be included.

We have formed a partnership with HealthUnlocked to provide the digital platform for our online community called

'Living With Fatty Liver and NASH'


Check it out.  The thing that sets this apart as a patient tool compared to platforms like FaceBook is that it is ad free.  We do not flood you with constant junk that just wastes your time.  If you are in a forum you are likely ill and don't need to have your life energy sucked at by marketing pukes.  Some day I'll tell you how I feel about that.

In association with Intercept we are also producing some patient videos and a media campaign to help educate people about liver disease and things they need to know about the system.  A major problem in society is that people just don't understand liver disease, its causes, consequences, or management.  A central mission of the foundation is to try to improve that.

We hope you are well.  If you think others might be interested in any of this please feel free to forward this, and if you like what we are doing any financial support you can send along will be greatly appreciate.

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