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An update on my cirrhosis, it was stage 4, now stage 3

The foundation was spawned out of my personal journey through undiagnosis, misdiagnosis, and finally a stage 4 NASH so I've chronicled my journey through our website.  I just completed a checkup at the transplant center and now that we are two years into my treatment plan I am starting to get enough data that might be helpful.

I do have some very encouraging results to report.  In 2015 I had an MRI elastography which reported my liver stiffness as 4.8 kPa.  Their scale shows that to be a stage 3 moving into full cirrhosis which they start at 5.0 kPA. My biopsy called it cirrhosis and I also had a fibroscan that year which read as 21.5.  Anything above 12 is considered to be cirrhosis. A long way around to say I really do have a liver in trouble even though I have never had a symptom of any kind.  Go figure.

As a result of making diet and lifestyle changes I've lost 50 pounds and the results are clear.  My MRI elastography now reads 3.8 and is in the stage 3 range.  This confirms a fibroscan test that now is 13.7.  I know it is uncommon but my liver is recovering functionality and I believe that the change in diet had a lot to do with it.  The weight loss is a major factor, but my ability to do that without struggling with hunger was also, I believe, a result of how dietary fat as a food component has become part of my life.  If anyone is interested, here is a link to the diet advice we give and the program that I follow.  Can't predict if it would work for anyone else but I think the science is on my side.

If you are interested in the science that supports this strategy you can find it here.

and information about extra virgin olive oil, the foundation of the diet,  can be read about here

I offer this information in the spirit of sharing with current or future patients dealing with liver fibrosis or the obesity that is a driver for the problem. I hope you find some of it useful. Anyone who is obese, has diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome should also consider this information.