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I'm healthy but want to eat a healthier diet so I can stay that way

As Shakespeare said “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

OK, you feel that you are healthy but want to stay that way.  This site just deals with the fat aspects of health so keep that in mind.  We'll assume you are here because you have some concern over your liver's health, you fail at diets, or you just want to take a healthy approach to food. All of those concerns turn on the fact that our modern industrial diet is unhealthy.  Things you probably already know.

  • We routinely consume too many calories
  • We eat far too much sugar
  • High fructose corn syrup is unhealthy
  • Trans-fats are bad for you
  • Saturated fats are not healthy
  • We eat far too much salt
  • We consume a lot of additives that may be harmful
  • Our diet has far too little fiber

There are other issues but if you managed these it would address most diet problems. When you think about the problem it is clear that there are two fundamental issues.  First, of course, are the personal choices we make and the psychological aspects of diets and food.  The second is the actual contents of the foods we eat and how they have changed over time.

Well, isn't that lovely. I get that same pitch every day. I've tried all kinds of diets and nothing works for me. What a waste of my time this site is.

Yes, we get that all the time don't we?  I personally get really tired of all the diet and lifestyle products being pitched.  So here is the real story.  For most of us we diet repeatedly.  We don't really change our lifestyle or the way we think about food.  If you want to be healthy you do have to be aware that there are consequences for your health if you pay no attention to the quality of your diet long term.  If you live a lifestyle you don't have to diet, your body will respond in a good way.

Here is an eating plan that will help you think about how to approach eating.