Our young adults are dying, do you know why?


OK, get ready. BORING government statistics coming. Sorry, but sometimes it is really important to know what is happening to our children.

Statistics from the CDC, from 1999 to 2016, annual U.S. mortality from cirrhosis increased by 65% from 20,661 to 34,174. Let that sink in for a minute. What if we chart the rate of change of various disease.  Not the number of patients but how it is changing.  Look at this chart for a minute. This shows how fast things are changing and those liver statistics are horrifying.

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Have you been diagnosed with NASH?

If so, you are not alone. This is a link to some patient education materials we are working on as part of our mission to bring the problem of liver disease into the public discussion.

A personal journey with NASH, things you need to know.

Is NOT DYING YET on your bucket list?


The Fatty Liver Foundation exists because I was not willing to be a well behaved member of the parade of misery that liver disease is becoming for our society.  My bucket list includes not dying of liver disease. I do a review from time to time for all the new people. Hopefully it is of some benefit to the old timers, but lets step back and think about our goals.


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Health in the land of unintended consequences


It is said that death and taxes are the only constants but we should include the Law Of Unintended Consequences as a universal truth.  For patients this is particularly true.  We want to be well but every decision carries the potential for things we didn't expect.

How bad is it? It has been projected that today's children will be the first generation in history to have a shorter life span than their parents. Even with the rapid advancement of medicine the society is becoming less well and chronic disease in many forms is epidemic. Even if we live longer, the end of life when we suffer and die slowly and painfully is getting longer for many.  Not the ideal trade off perhaps.


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Your BLISS POINT is being massaged. Do you know who is doing it?


I bet you didn't know you had a Bliss Point, but you do, and it is being manipulated every day by strangers in white coats.

Not to be confused with the G spot, the Bliss Point, is also a source of pleasure but it can become a pathway to disease and death.

The Bliss Point is a concept developed by food researchers.  This is the industrial food industry at work.  The way we perceive most foods is by the combination of salt, sugar, and fat which we interpret as "tastiness".  That perfect combination satisfies our brain and makes us feel good and we "like" that particular food. Well whoop di do, that seems like a good idea, who could object to good tasting food?  Well, none of us really, but how might our response to food be used against us?


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Radio Tour discussing Fatty Liver and NASH

Just a brief programming note.  I spent this morning doing a radio interview tour around the country talking about liver disease.  I was working with Ann Moore, a nurse practitioner specializing in liver disease.  We did interviews with 17 internet only  and live radio stations in an effort to educate the public broadly about liver disease, the need for early detection, and the role of the foundation.

Most of the interviews were live to tape so I don't know when they will air, but if you listen to any of these stations perhaps you will get a chance to hear them.


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Reflections on a small world and silent disease

Last year I wrote about an experience I had while out jogging.  I persist in believing that the doctors know what they are talking about regarding exercise and liver disease so it is a subject that comes up from time to time. For anyone who is interested in the challenge of self image versus father time, here is a link to that earlier item which you might relate to.

winged mercury

I was out on the greenbelt yesterday and there is a nice spot near the river where people like to stop and rest or reflect. I had stopped there and a young woman came running along and also decided to take a break.  Surprisingly, she recognized me as the old guy that she had passed last year and we had a few chuckles about the event.


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Study confirms the value of olive oil for health

First I apologize if this gets too technical.  I usually try to provide information in some hopefully entertaining way but sometimes I have to dig into the details because they are important.

An article in the current New England Journal of Medicine has this article.

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet Supplemented with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil or Nuts

This demands a bit of background since we are a liver disease group and the report is measuring cardiovascular disease.  There are studies of olive oil and liver disease but generally they are not as long or big as this one and many studies lack the rigor. You should also remember that liver disease is the master of co-morbidity.  It is generally not understood that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death related to cirrhosis.



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Sugar bad sugary fruit good, got that?

I talk a lot about the problems sugar causes for the body. If you had to pick one reason for why your kid's generation will die younger than yours and be sicker in old age than they should have been you could do worse than pick a soda.  We have a very curious relationship with sugary drinks.  We will happily drink a 16 ounce soda and easily serve it to our kids.  No parent or other apparently rational person will sit down and eat 10 teaspoons of sugar and yet that is a common amount in our soda.

This is a small diversion, but

did you ever wonder how to kill a rat with food?



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Collagen, the last lesson, I promise, but this is important


Remember from prior blogs, that fibrosis forms first as long strings that associate over time and are eventually arranged into a very stable triple helix that is zipped together by vitamin C.  There are many kinds of collagen in your body and they have different characteristics depending on their specific chemistry.  The progress of cirrhosis is determined by how that collagen forms and matures.

As a way to think of it, collagen is a cousin to the plastics that are everywhere in your everyday life.  They are polymers which are large groups of similar molecules that link together.  Like many collagens in the body, those in the liver are flexible and stretchy, think skin as an example, when they are formed.  It is the nature of many polymers to take some time to "cook", that is to form the structure and then to cross connect to other molecules nearby.  They attach to each other in dense mats which leads to the kind of tissue you see in a scar in your skin. It is basically a "mat" of fibers.  As those mats get thicker and stronger they begin to destroy function in your liver and we call that cirrhosis.


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Linus Pauling might be responsible for your death

So many of us take supplements, pills, potions, elixirs, lotions, bromides, miracle secrets from the ancients, super foods, substances of all kinds, as well as what our doctors prescribe, and with all of them we are told they are good for us.  We are mostly immune to the cautions about side affects and don't even consider how much we don't know as we swallow that bit of magic that will help us be well.

I'm an engineer, not a doctor so I can ask you a what if question, which you, as a smart person can consider.  What if one of the pills that everyone thinks is good for you can kill you by destroying your liver slowly?  Would that be something you would think about?  If you will stay with me here for just a bit I'll tell you a story about how some well intentioned advice may kill you.

In my last note I talked about how collagen forms to become a deadly enemy for your liver.  To be clear collagen is a very good thing.  Much of your body is made of it.  You couldn't exist without a robust collagen process. But like so many things, too much in the wrong place or time and the engine of life starts to fail.

collagen formation

Remember this process where the initial fibers of a blood clot wind themselves into a very tough triple helix which eventually destroys your liver as tough scar tissue?

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Can cirrhosis be reversed? Of course not they say, but what if

Sometimes what everyone knows is just wrong.  Can cirrhosis improve? Care to join me for a walk down cirrhosis lane?

First what is cirrhosis? In simple terms, it is the formation of scars everywhere in the liver which causes it to fail.

OK, what then are scars?  We all know them, we can see scars on our body where we have been wounded.

When liver cells are injured the same process occurs as when you cut yourself.  Scar forming processes move in and try to repair the wound. This happens at the cell level so scar tissue forms everywhere within the liver and when it gets bad enough to disrupt the normal function of the liver we call it cirrhosis. That leads to ESLD, end stage liver disease, and death.


So what is a scar really? In the liver, inflammation is a typical culprit.  Something, lets say too much fat or alcohol for example, damage liver cells and some of them die. That degeneration of cells causes clotting processes to start and platelets and the other wound healing chemicals move into the area.  This process is crucial to your health but it is a balancing act.  If the debris removal systems are able to clear out the dead cells all is well and that brief episode of cell death and inflammation is gone and all is well.  Liver cells die by the millions every day and this is the normal process.


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My brain is split, I really hate that

I just returned from a conference called the NASH Summit.  It is a gathering of about 200 of the top liver researchers and scientists in the world.  Small but very much cutting edge.  I must say that as a cirrhosis patient I am so encouraged, perhaps verging on rapture, at the progress being made to develop treatments for liver disease.  (I'll get some guff for that kind of language but understand that as patients we know there is no medical help for us today)

I go to these meetings and I am always so encouraged by what I see there.  This was the first conference where we have presented a poster of our progress which was fun.  We usually are audience not part of the show.  Here is a link if you would like to see it.

screening project poster


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May you live in interesting times

An ironic curse with the clear implication that 'uninteresting times', of peace and tranquillity, are more life-enhancing than interesting ones.  Another cautionary message is 'be careful what  you wish for', and yet another 'fools rush in where wise men never go'.

Cliche man is here apparently, but the old warnings aren't necessarily wrong.  I want to let you know that the foundation has entered an 'interesting time'

We have been greatly honored with support and now it is time for us to stop talking and start dancing.  Intercept Pharmaceuticals has agreed to provide the first funding for our screening program and we plan to open our first pilot facility in Houston in the summer.  For those who have joined us recently, we advocate building 400 screening centers across the US and to screen 1 million people a year who are at risk for liver disease from the large co-morbid (people with multiple diseases) population.



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Why can't a liver be more like a breast ???

When I think about screening for liver disease I often find that tune from My Fair Lady, "Why Can't A Woman Be More Like A Man" running through my mind.

It is an odd mental tick I suppose. One of my favorite musicals connecting to a potentially terminal illness, but the challenge we face as liver patients would largely vanish if only a liver was more like a breast.

OK, I stretch the analogy a bit here but consider how cancer is managed.  We search diligently for cancer and while there are significant differences between cirrhosis and breast cancer the statistics are interesting. There are around 40,000 deaths annually from each disease, but we search out the tiniest incidence of breast cancer that we can find and manage it aggressively but we ignore liver disease until it presents serious symptoms.  Think about that for just a moment.  Why would we test breasts regularly but intentionally ignore early liver disease?


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2018 is flying by - how do we stop cirrhosis


If you think about the co-morbidity illustrated in this image, it is clear that there are at least 40 million Americans who are at some level of risk for developing advanced disease. The question, "WHAT TO DO" hangs there in the face of vast suffering to come.

Studies are coming in as research focuses on liver disease and the challenges that we face.  A whole body view instead of organ by organ is becoming more common which recognizes that the liver is so foundational to health that a very wide range of diseases are co-morbid with liver disease. That is a fancy word that means the problems are related.


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Can you tell when they don't care if you die?

The Foundation is patient focused on fatty liver and NASH leading to cirrhosis which is just one of many liver diseases.  The American Liver Foundation covers all liver disease so we are logical collaborators but with a different focus.  I recently joined with the ALF to visit with a number of congressmen about issues of law that we feel are critical to our community.

We are particularly alarmed by recent changes in the rules governing insurance companies so we wanted to take your voice to Washington.  Simply put, government agencies are once again proving that they are inherently a fools paradise and insurance companies are demonstrating that they are unconcerned if you die or are forced into poverty.  As usual, Congress is the gang that can't shoot straight, but the patients are reliably suffering and dying. 


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NASH Education Lab now live on Healio

A key goal of ours is education for both patients and physicians. We recently have been working with Intercept Pharmaceuticals to develop materials to help both physicians and patients understand the challenges of liver disease.  The material is being distributed by Healio, as part of its in-depth specialty clinical information for physicians.

I wanted to let you know that the Healio Education Lab,

Understanding the NASH Knowledge Gaps,” is now live.


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NATURE runs clinical trial recruitment, Free Feeding Sugar, Phase 4, genetic response and mortality

TRIAL: A test to determine whether the species will create new organ designs to accommodate chronic over feeding or fail and result in mortality and long term decline.  The alternate endpoint, increased intelligence in feeding strategies.


The test subjects all like sugar but dietary advice mostly says give it up.  The question, what really happens when they eat excess sugar over time?

OK, but sugar is glucose and it is known that glucose is a fundamental fuel so what is wrong with that? Let's take a walk down bio-chemistry lane.  Just a peak so easy peasy. This is really important if one has concerns about livers so don't run away yet.


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experts to the left, experts to the right, into the valley of death ride the 6 million NASH patients

NASH is the silent stalker.  The hidden instrument of the pain and suffering that is our modern plaque of caloric poisoning. History might one day choose to call this time "The White Death" to balance tales of "The Black Death" of Medieval Europe.  When the mortality statistics correctly include the comorbidities of NASH and cirrhosis, this time will be reckoned as the greatest mass death in human history.  It will be viewed as a strange period when much of the society willingly chose to adopt behaviors that would lead to their early and painful deaths.


Well enough prophecy. It is well established that diet is producing the majority of the liver disease epidemic.  We grow fatter each year and even when we try to change that the cacophony of advice is overwhelming.  Groups are passionate about the extremes of food and you can find advocates for eating all combinations of diets with "expert" advice about high and low fats, carbs, and proteins.  The vegans vs the paleo for example are both confident that they are correct and experts are available to support each group.  There is a great middle, of course, who have no real doctrine and just eat what is convenient and appeals to them, but like a great herd of wildebeest they move always toward the river where the crocodiles lie in wait.


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